This was another one from the free drawing set i did on DA last year. Its a Jam for Amadeous.


This was another one from the free drawing set i did on DA last year. Its a Jam for Amadeous.






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How in the fuck does this work so well?

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He came tumblin’ back from the underworld with an army, I’m done for.

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Why Korra: Book 3 is ingenious.

As we are waiting for the Game and Book 4, I want to deliver a plot analysis that should explain why was the last season met with such hype and why is it right.

Spoilers follow for both Avatar series.

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There’s a Korra theory around these parts that i’d like to support. It’s about Ghazaan and Ming-Hua and them possibly being siblings.
As I know, so far the evidence is that the girl’s name is of Earth Kingdom, not Water Tribe origin, their facial features being kinda similar and that one conversation with Bolin.
So let’s go Leo on this baby by analyzing the guy’s bending. Everybody calls it lavabending, which previously was thought to be possible only for the Avatar to do. As we can tell, he does it in his own manner, and my idea is that he simply raises the earth’s temperature by accelerating it’s molecules’ speed. I may be wrong, but it seems to be the case.
The only other bending known to do something similar is *drums* waterbending, as they can freeze the water, which is done in exactly the same way, and, I guess it’s safe to assume they can boil it, even though we’ve never actually seen it done. Icebending is not considered to be a substyle, my guess is that it’s way easier to pull off due to water’s fluidity.
And that’s it, their relation is a great explanation to where did Ghazaan get the idea to his weird fluid-earth bending. Seems legit to me.
There’s a lot of subtlety to this Red Lotus Quartet, I like them. I hope Brike doesn’t reveal their backstories so that they are left open for the viewer to grasp.

I nearly freakin’ cried


Preview of “The Seed” from BLACKHAND COMICS- coming OCT.1st from IMAGE (order today).



When you learn something new, you must try to learn even more, and I’ve finally come to realize that there is another layer to the veganism/vegetarian topic, many choose to ignore one basic problem, field slavery.

I would call it field working, but you see, when you work at a grocery store, or…

I’ve got a couple of questions, sir:

1) What exactly does it have to do with vegs? Are we the only ones who eat berries?

2) Is working as a butcher easier/safer than being a butcher?

It’s not saying that you’re wrong or something, but I’m having a hard time seeing your point.

So, this blog’s been around for a year, apparently. Is it any good?


Sailor Aang!

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